Learning lessons

Over the course of the past few months I’ve been exploring the idea of sexism in the music industry and feminist movements for equality fighting against it.

I’m still yet to focus on a straight theme or angle for my article (I think you could write on the subject forever, such are the issues and the array of viewpoints within it) but I have been genuinely surprised by the prevalence of something I naively thought was all but non-existent.

None of the women I have spoken to have been lucky enough to never experience sexism; none think that we are anywhere near where we need to be – where we ought to be – in terms of gender equality in our entertainment industry.

I, like I assume many others, saw the vast amounts of women appearing on televisions and radios everywhere and assumed that this was a problem to be moaned about by a minority. I am happy to admit I was wrong, but unhappy that I have to do so.

As I shape my article over the next few weeks I intend to maintain a blog about my doing so – primarily to shape my thought processes, but also to see if a route I am taking is coherent and honest. I do not want to produce a finished work that is short-sighted and disagreeable a matter of weeks after I’v written it.