Gone Girl

Probably contains accidental spoilers.

Well, that was messed up.

If there’s any film that is likely to convince to sack my socia life in and just live in a hole somewhere, I’ve just seen it. Rosamund Pike is chilling as the wife to Ben Affleck’s accused husband, and I haven’t been that confused as to how to feel about a group of characters in a long time.

One thing did annoy me about Gone Girl, though. As far as a comment on a post-recession marriage goes, I never felt like Gillian Flynn (I’m assuming that the film is close enough to the novel that this criticim can be levelled at its author) really knew which side of the fence she’s stood on. The twists and turns in plot are interesting and keep the movie entertaining for its entire two-and-a-half hour running length, but they felt a little confused themselves.

Maybe that was the point. All I know is that I wish I had a lock on my door.