Blowing through the nostalgia

I had the pleasure of seeing Funeral for a Friend live tonight. Funeral are almost certainly the band that I’ve seen most over the years and so I feel like I’m in quite a privileged position from which to comment on where they’ve come and where they’re going.

The last few times I’ve seen them have been largely for nostalgia purposes – allowing the crowd to pick the setlist in Exeter, playing Casually Dressed in its entirety in London – tonight it was the newer songs that were most impressive. With the release of Conduit at the beginning of the year and their performance tonight, I’m excited about the band again.

They seem revitalised, shaken up and hungry to get back to where they were.  Again showing that they know their best songs, hearing ‘Recovery’ and ‘Escape Artists’ side-to-side with ‘Conduit’ and ‘Travelled’ you’d be hard pushed to guess which album had been their biggest hit.

Casually Dressed was seminal but they have finally released an album that might be able to break the shackles. Encouragingly, they perform like they know it as well.

Welcome back, Funeral. It’s been a while, but it’s great to have you here.


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