Small steps

Well done, America. So often the start of another sarcy indictment of something backwards/ridiculous, now genuinely meant. Seriously, well done, America.

By repealing DOMA, America has removed perhaps the most significant roadblock to same-sex marriage equality in the States.

We in England are moving closer to allowing it, and we’ve been shown the way forward from across the Atlantic – and I think that come the end of the year/as soon as the Parliamentary process allows, we’ll be celebrating the possibility of same-sex marriage in the UK, too.

One thing sticks out for me here, and I’d like to see if it’s naivety on my part, or whether the generation I belong to is just ahead of the curve: I have never met anyone that disagreed with same-sex marriage. Not once.

Nor have I ever met anyone that seriously had a problem with homosexuality, and nor would I expect to. If it has become taboo to discuss or hold a certain viewpoint, it would suggest that particular topic or viewpoint is generally held as incorrect, unacceptable.

If the reason that I’ve heard no disapproving voices when it comes to marriage equality is because that is perceived as an unacceptable position, then surely the battle is well on the way to being won, at least socially.

I can only see the ongoing discussion and movement as an older generation refusing to accept that the world has changed.

No-one gives a shit if two men or women marry each other now, we just need them to have the right to.


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