Shit is shit is shit

The last few days have been pretty huge, in music terms. But all that seems to really being discussed is the Fall Out Boy ‘reunion’ (they never broke up?)

Granted, they’ve returned in full force: new song, new video, new tour, new album. All announced in one fell swoop and thus ensuring that they word on everyone’s lips is Fall Out Boy.

The way they announced everything was refreshing, it certainly makes a change from the endless announcements of announcements.

But the song’s shit.

I’m sorry, believers everywhere, it is. And just because you’re a fan of any of their previous output does not mean you have to be a fan of this.

I’ve read numerous ‘believers never die’ and ‘if you were a true fan you’d get behind them regardless’ comments over the last few days and it just defies belief.

If you like the song, fine – but there is no need to like it for the sake of it.

I consider myself a music fan and will incessantly, probably annoyingly, champion anything that I think is worth listening to. There are few things more rewarding than introducing someone to something you know they’ll enjoy.

But there has to be two sides to the coin. It becomes impossible to support good music if you refuse to accept when things are bad. If this means admitting that your favourite band release a bad song, so be it. It just means that your opinion is actually objective when it comes to praising something.

Somewhat forced under the rug by FOB’s omnipresence on the internet, The Story So Far and Alkaline Trio both released new songs over the past few days.

Trio are one of my favourite bands of all time, and TSSF’s Under Soil and Dirt is the best pop-punk album released in the last ten years. But I have no problem in saying that I’m flat-out disappointed with Trio’s new track (and realistically their last 3 albums), and TSSF song left me a little underwhelmed.

I’d like to think that this would mean that when I say Trio are one of the best (pop)punk bands ever, and USAD is the best genre album in the last ten years, it is with a certain credibility.

I guess it just wrangles that FOB can make what is essentially a bad R’n’B song and a vaguely disrespectful video in which they burn their own records (why not just e-mail all the people that have JUST written ten-year commemoratives of Take This to Your Grave a big middle finger and be done with it?) and everything else is ignored and swept under the rug.

If their song had been released under any other name it would have been dismissed and people would already be talking about something else.

If something is shit we shouldn’t be afraid to call it shit, in the same way that we would call not hesitate to call a great song great.


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