Introducing: Moose Blood

Moose Blood are a four-piece band from Canterbury, Kent.

They play a brand of pop-tinged emo, addressing everyday issues but managing to make them sound urgent and exciting.

The lyrics from upcoming debut EP Moving Home, released on February 11th on Fist in the Air records, have the rare and charming quality of sounding like they’re describing a unique moment from your own life. They might not deal with the happiest feelings at times, but there’s always a warmth in the tracks that’s infectious.

The songs have the feeling of arriving home after a long time on the road – exciting yet comfortably familiar. Bukowski is a particular highlight, driven and uplifting with a few well-placed nods to the bands’ influences.

The band have recently played a few shows in the London and Southeast area to brilliant receptions – it’s well worth checking them out live if you get a chance in future.

Have a listen and do buy the EP/download it, it’s only £2 and it’ll make sure these guys can make more brilliant music.


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