Progress made, but stadium development is no quick fix

Liverpool announced today that they plan to re-develop their existing Anfield ground, rather than build an entirely new stadium in nearby Stanley Park.

The plans finally make the long-term future of the Liverpool home ground clear, following years of speculation as to whether they would redevelop or move.

Whilst the developments are significant and will likely prove popular amongst Liverpool fans, with the club set to stay in their historic Anfield base.

Its impact cannot be overstated, however.

Liverpool owner John W Henry spoke as recently as June about the ‘myth’ that the stadium redevelopment will have a significant bearing on available funds. Instead, the Fenway Sports Group boss, the company that owns Liverpool, does not believe that stadium issues will have much impact on the future of Liverpool football club.

Whilst it would be foolish to suggest that today’s announced advancement of redevelopment plans is anything but a good thing, it is unlikely to provide any tangible benefit to the club for a number of seasons – even after its construction. Today’s news is undoubtedly positive, but needs to be placed in perspective.

Liverpool’s lack of striking options and apparent lack of squad depth should provide much more pressing issues, more for those in charge of the club to worry about in the short-term. For all their good play in the opening part of this season, Liverpool have endured largely disappointing results and lay a lacklustre 14th in the English Premier League Table.

Not all news is bad news. But when good news does arrive, it pays to keep the news in context. Before Liverpool get too excited about plans for a new stadium, they must first address the issues at the foot of the current doorstep.


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