La Dispute – 19/09/12

La Dispute are very much a band in vogue. Tonight’s intimate performance Upstairs at the Garage is their first of two consecutive London dates, and sold out in a matter of minutes. Add high-profile support acts in Make Do and Mend and Cardiff’s Goodtime Boys and the gig, all proceeds of which go towards Teenage Cancer Trust, is one of London’s hottest tickets.

A cursory listen to La Dispute’s 2011 album Wildlife underlines the qualities that have led to the band’s current popularity. Lyrical themes that are often close to the bone are heartfelt and delivered with such intensity that it is hard not to be struck by the content.

Ending a gig in which the suffering of cancer sufferers is inherently acknowledged and supported with ‘I See Everything’ – a song about exactly that – reinforces the notion of La Dispute as a band unafraid to confront issues that are all too real and all too immediate.

It is clear that through their music and their actions La Dispute are committed to pushing into territory unknown, raising awareness and actively helping causes in methods not standard to the music scene of which they are an integral part. Just as their recorded output is unafraid to push boundaries, their fund-raising efforts are admirably pioneering.

With the refrain “I see everything” still ringing loudly in their ears, attendees have had their minds and eyes opened by La Dispute, both to their progressive, forward-thinking brand of modern post-hardcore, but also to the plight of those less fortunate.

The sea of arms and wave of bodies cascading from the stage all point to the success of tonight’s proceedings; the growing popularity of La Dispute and the increasing range of their message.


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